Trauma informed yoga is different than other approaches to yoga in the way it is taught, approached, and practiced. Unlike traditional yoga classes, trauma informed classes emphasize the connection between your body and the movement that is informed by the participants choice. Within a class, students are guided through shapes and in the processes encouraged to listen to their own bodies making movements, changes, and alterations as necessary. This style of yoga values the importance of diversity, creating an environment of safety, and offers skills and practices that have been shown to create lasting and powerful healing in those who have experienced trauma of all levels. 
  • An awareness to the ways trauma impacts the mind, body, and spirit, by the teachers
  • empowering students to listen to themselves and grow trust within their own bodies, something commonly lost for those with a history of trauma
  • creating a space that feels safe and empowering
  • providing clients with various options that allow them to become present, tune in, and move as their body needs
  • an exclusion of scents, music, words, overwhelming lights, or practices in a less private space that may trigger past traumas
  • an awareness of how specific shapes and actions may lead clients to feel vulnerable and a presentation of options as a result 
  • avoidance of statements and cuing that feel rigid and exact in place of language that offers present awareness to the now and options for movement 
  • an environment that will not engage in hand on assists 
  • a class that provides you with skills to regulate and modify your nervous system and triggers without needing the abundance of neuroscience education

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Tequina Adams-Ballew Trauma Informed Yoga Life Stone Counseling
Trauma specialist, Tequina Adams-Ballew, CSW brings an enthusiasm and awareness of yoga and a passion for treating trauma to the room. A grounded and centered teacher, Tequina encourages you to learn to recreate a connection between your mind and body, thoughts and emotions, experiences and presence within a space. This allows individuals to learn to allow their experiences to happen without judgement or shame. By doing so participants can learn to experience their lives, bodies, and minds, without needing to run or hide from them. This approach helps clients to change the way they feel so that they can pull themselves from the fight or flight response and live more actively and engaged in their lives. Tequina is passionate about inspiring her clients to find the growth and resilience that comes from surviving and looking at how this has been a resource of strength rather than simple survival.

Tequina facilitates Life Stone's Trauma-Informed Yoga Group. (Register here). She also provides individual yoga sessions; call (801) 984-1717 to schedule.
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